International Women’s Day – On Her Shoulders

Tonight we marked International Women’s Day by celebrating our very own committee member, Juliet Alexander, at the British Film Institute (BFI). There’s so much more to say about this wonderful evening but it was not lost on us that the title of this 120-minute documentary brilliantly sums up the position of the women of the Amos Bursary.

On Her Shoulders: Black Women in Broadcast Journalism, it screams. And yes whilst the words after the colon give this film more context about Juliet’s personal career, On “Her” Shoulders brilliantly describes where The Amos Bursary began. And by “her” we mean Colleen Amos, by “her”, we mean Baroness Valerie Amos but more than this, by “her” we mean all of the women who since 2009 have been promoting excellence and changing the narrative for young men of African and Caribbean heritage.

But it’s International Women’s Day and we can’t say we were not excited when three years ago young black women were also invited to stand #onhershoulders and The Amos Bursary began shaping futures for the next generation of Black Women in Broadcast Journalism, the next generation of Black Women in STEM, the next generation of Black Women in Law, the next generation of Black Women in __ (fill in the blank!)

So we thought it only right to end the night by celebrating some of the shoulders we stand on, and we mean this is only some, and some of us doing the standing (and strengthening our own shoulders for the future of course). Happy International Women’s Day!

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Check out the International Women’s Day website to see how it was celebrated around the world.

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