Celebrating Our Pioneers Mike and Dolly Amos

Today we celebrate our Windrush Generation pioneers.

Those amazing trailblazers that were invited to rebuild post-war Britain and through adversity and oppression built a legacy of excellence and culture that has shaped the fabric of our society. Mike and Dolly Amos were part of that generation. The Amos Bursary was born out of their belief in young people and the power of education to transform lives.

They understood the pernicious and sustained negative impact of discrimination and prejudice on young people and they fought it through instilling pride in and understanding of black history and culture and the desire to be the best.

They were strong, determined and unflinching in their pursuit of excellence. They believed in family and community and were generous and welcoming. The Amos Bursary is built on their values. We are successful because as students we acknowledge the challenges we face and are determined to overcome them. We are prepared to work hard and to give and receive support. We are a huge extended family.

Because they did what they did, we can do what we do.

Mike and Dolly Amos’ Legacy

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