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Solomon Adebiyi
Artist and Architect
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I joined the Bursary as a shy introvert with a creative passion. Through the help of the Bursary, I have been able to channel this passion to forge my path forward and share my unique value with the world.

From the first development session which involved the use of Lumina Spark where I was able to reflect and understand my personal strengths and weaknesses; to the ‘Supporters Networking Event’ where I was exposed to the gravity of networking, I have been able to capitalise on the opportunities presented to me by the Bursary.

The Bursary’s flagship programme ‘The New York Experience’ was one such experience, which allowed me to travel to New York for one month and gain work experience at Adjaye Associates’ Manhattan office. This was an enlightening experience for me as it was the moment that I decided I truly wanted to become an architect.

I am now a graduate from Manchester School of Architecture with first-class honours and was fortunate enough to secure a graduate job at Atkins, which is listed as a top 10 UK firm in the field by the Architectural Journal. In this year’s Future leaders’ magazine by Powerful Media, I was honoured to be awarded no.8 out of 100 of the most outstanding black students. In the meantime, I continue to pursue my passion for art via my portrait drawing company. With the help of the Amos Bursary’s chair, Sarah Ebanja, I was able to showcase a solo exhibition entitled ‘Empowered’ at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre. As part of my giving back, which is also a key factor of the ethos of the Amos Bursary, I run workshops teaching children to draw and helping them to aspire and believe in themselves.

Having a support network of talented and ambitious young men is vital to the normalisation of successful black males in today’s society, and that support, talent and positivity are in abundance at the Amos Bursary. I am proud to be part of this great tapestry of black excellence.