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Confidence, determination, and respect. These are the key traits I have learnt through living with my strong Nigerian mother. In an African household, these traits are very essential, and they have made me who I am today. I absolutely love my family and culture. When I think of family I think of love and security, which is something my mother has worked very hard to maintain and I am eternally grateful for this.

As a child, I was always very outgoing and friendly. l love being around people; sharing experiences, learning from each and being about to freely express ourselves. This is the reason I have a great passion for helping people. I love to see how I can make a positive impact in someone else’s life even if it may be the smallest thing because every little act of kindness goes a long way. I am excellent at adapting to new places and I am invigorated by the process of meeting new people, this is because of frequently moving around during my childhood. I was born in Italy and after 3 years I moved to Nigeria and lived there for 2 years. Then for the last 11 years I have been living in London, which has exposed me to different cultures and traditions.

As a part of The Amos Bursary 2021 Cohort my highlight of last year was the Big Reunion, as it gave me a chance to meet students from some of the other cohorts and alumni. They were all so wonderful. I also really enjoyed the Changing the Narrative event. Since joining I have been to so many amazing places and had the opportunity to network with people from diverse fields, which is just a blessing. I feel honoured to be a part of this programme and I will always be grateful for the love and support I receive from this community.