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Quasim Barrow
University College London
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SEIZE THE MOMENT – What does seize the moment mean to you?

To go for every opportunity that comes your way and to put in 100% leaving nothing to regret.

The very first time the Bursary helped me to seize the moment was in year 12. It was very early on in the programme but the bursary was very helpful and proactive in helping me achieve my dreams.

Having mentioned that I wanted to go to UCL at a previous session, I was contacted about a summer school opportunity at UCL. Although the programme was for Chemical engineering and I was hesitant as I wanted to pursue civil engineering, I was encouraged to seize the opportunity and go in with an open mind.

I was then reassured and supported throughout the application process. After getting onto the programme I was kept motivated by the bursary throughout the 7 week programme. The fact I was able to seize this opportunity led me to possibilities that I could only dream of.

The Summer school supported my application to UCL the year after, where I received an offer after two days of submitting my application and made me eligible for a scholarship which I received. This mindset is one that is encouraged throughout the bursary and has led me to a number of opportunities.

These range from going to the One Young World conference, dinners and corporate visits. Every time I’ve seized the moment I also reaped the benefit whether or not they were immediate. I’ve gone for a number of opportunities and learnt from each one and adjusted my path along the way and none of this would’ve been possible without a leap of faith and seizing the moment.

My advice

When opportunities present themselves it is best to go for them even though you may be unsure if you will benefit. Whether you enjoy it or decide it may not be for you, both are valuable lessons.

It is also best to do this when you are young, not as conscious of time and have the flexibility to explore different routes.