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Lohan Morrison
Warwick University
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Seize the moment

I decided that I wanted a career in banking during my last year of sixth form. However, given how competitive these roles are, I was not entirely sure about how to go about this. The Amos Bursary gave me access to networking and learning opportunities that helped me gain a solid understanding of the industry itself and the application processes.

For example, I was able to attend networking events run by representatives of bulge bracket investment banks, along with “development days” where members of these firms taught Amos Bursary students about their specific roles. These experiences enabled me to enter university with important knowledge, which in turn helped me secure a position on the Barclays International Spring Insight Week Program in 2018. After performing well on this program, I was offered a Corporate Banking Summer Analyst position at the firm for the following year.

Before starting this summer internship, I received enormous preparation support from the Amos Bursary. For instance, I was able to work closely with external professionals that helped me improve my presentation skills, which ended up being incredibly useful throughout my time at Barclays. After executing everything I had learned during my time as an Amos Bursary student on that internship, I was able to secure an offer to return to Barclays as a full-time analyst and will be starting my employment next month.

My advice

Always remember the importance of good preparation. It is never too early to start thinking about your future. I was able to secure a Full-time role at a bulge bracket bank based on a program I got myself on to when I was 18. When you go for things early, you give yourself a better chance. Solid preparation is also the key to strong academic performance too. It is far better to be seen as slightly “excessive” months before an exam than to be frantically stressed the night before the exam when there is little you can do.