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George ImafidonEntrepreneur
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What does seize the moment mean to you?

Seize the moment means to write my own story, create opportunities where people see obstacles and ensure everywhere I go to is better than I found it.

The moment and the role the Amos Bursary played

In April 2014, one month into joining the Amos Bursary, I was 17 and was  offered my first external opportunity to volunteer at the “Reach Society Careers Conference”. As an aspiring engineer looking for a summer placement, I quickly took up the opportunity and researched the companies attending with an overarching goal of leaving the event with at least one week of engineering-related work experience. I used my refined elevator pitch developed through countless AB workshops to build a relationship with a senior leader from EDF Energy and secure my first summer internship one hour into the event.

Over the last 6 years, I used this experience as a launchpad to get into UCL with 6 scholarships and work in engineering, consulting and finance with firms such as Google, Rolls-Royce, J.P Morgan, McKinsey and BCG. To pay it forward, I set up the award-winning Motivez app helping thousands of young people across the UK, who lack social capital and face multiple disadvantages, find similar opportunities and coaching for their dream internships. I can truly say one moment transformed my life and I have now created a system to make securing jobs more accessible for others.

Advice to young people  – why should they seize the moment

Seizing the moment will allow you to live life on your own terms and continually create your own luck. It might feel uncomfortable at first, however, the best leaders learn to live their life in that place of being scared and embrace it. Your greatest growth will always come from your discomfort. That’s the Motivez Mindset. We believe in you. You’ve got this!