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Elijah Olanipekun
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My life purpose is to help people create financial freedom for themselves by helping them construct the optimal investment portfolio for the market climate. Financial freedom, in my opinion, is critical to living a fulfilled life as it eliminates so many issues in your life and allows you to be free to make our own decisions without being held back by financial instability.

Currently I am a functional consultant apprentice at Salesforce, the largest Customer Relationship Management software provider globally. I decided to go down the route of a degree apprenticeship because I wanted to have the exposure of being in a professional environment, gain valuable, transferable skills and still get the academic rigour and knowledge offered by a degree. This was very different compared to what many of my peers did at the time, which was to go down the traditional university route.

There are many ways that the Amos Bursary has supported my journey as an apprentice. One of those ways was with providing mentoring support for me. The mentor I have been given understood my scenario well and I appreciate his efforts to make time to meet on a regular basis and to offer insightful suggestions to me. The Bursary has also tried to recognise the different professional challenges we face compared to some of our peers and has successfully helped us to overcome some of them.