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  • AMOS /ClearView Research Scholarship Application 2022

    ClearView Research has partnered with the Amos Bursary to support three (3) Amos Associate students whilst at university. Kenny Imafidon, Co-Founder and Managing Director of ClearView Research is the first Amos Bursary graduate to partner with the Amos Bursary and become a sponsor.

    The offer

    Three (3) first year university AMOS Associate students can apply for a grant to assit with your learning and development during your time at university. Bursary recipients will receive £1,000 a year for three years or four years (depending on the length of your course). It is paid in cash and does not need to be repaid.

    Decisions on applications will be made according to the published criteria. All decisions are final.

    Award recipients will be selected competitively. All applicants who meet the basic criteria for an award will have their application considered by an awarding panel. Where only a limited number of applications are made, awards will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis dependent on the date of a fully completed and acceptable application.

    To apply

    • You must be an Amos Bursary Associate
    • You must be in your first year of university
    • You must submit a 500-word maximum supporting statement stating why you are applying for the scholarship, why you should receive it and how the funds will assist you.

    Applicants must meet at least two of the social need criteria set out by ClearView Research below:

    • You require financial support to attend university due to family circumstances;
    • You are in receipt of support from social services e.g.: homeless/ have been looked after or accommodated in care;
    • Are from a single parent family;
    • Any extenuating circumstances not listed or have any economic or social disadvantage (evidence required);

    Allocation of funds

    Funds will be allocated in September by the Amos Bursary on behalf of ClearView Research. Funds will be made annually in September for the duration of your time at university

    Student commitment

    • Funds to be used to support you whilst you are at university
    • To engage with the learning and development opportunities which will be provided by ClearView Research
    • Students to provide an annual report on their progress at University as requested by the Amos Bursary
    • Students are not required to work at ClearView Research on completion of their university course


    The programme will be administered by the Amos Bursary

    Additional support

    ClearView Research will provide the selected students with additional experiences and opportunities as well as a qualified coach to support them for the duration of the commitment.


    Please make sure you have the following information with you to complete the form:
    University attending
    University course studying
    Length of course
    Year started university
    Year due to graduate
    Do you intend to take /are taking a gap/Industrial year?
    Contact email
    Contact mobile
    Your written statement (500 words)