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Who are we?
The Amos Bursary is run by a dedicated team of Patrons, Board Members and Volunteers, all passionate about helping our young people to achieve their ambitions.

Our Patrons

Master, University College Oxford
Baroness Amos [Patron]

Baroness Amos

Global Head of Citizenship, KPMG
Lord Hastings [Patron]

Lord Hastings

Heather Kerzner [Patron]

Heather Kerzner

Lord Parry Mitchell [Patron]

Lord Mitchell

Film-Maker & Philanthropist
Lady Hannah Lowry-Mitchell [Patron]

Lady Lowry-Mitchell

Colin Salmon [Patron]

Colin Salmon

Songwriter, Producer & Fashion Guru
Gerry DeVeaux [Patron]

Gerry DeVeaux

Actor, Playwright & Director
Kwame Kwei Armah [Patron]

Kwame Kwei-Armah OBE

Education Advisor & Philanthropist
Baroness Massey [Patron]

Baroness Massey

Media Entrepreneur
Lord Waheed Alli [Patron]

Lord Alli

CEO, Bank of Nevis International and Bank of Nevis International Trust Services
MJP - Michael Prest 160 27012021c

Michael Prest

President of Capstone

Jonathan Sorrell

General Counsel & Company Secretary of Diageo PLC

Tom Shropshire

Our Board

Amos Bursary, CEO

Colleen Amos OBE

Amos Bursary, Chair
Sarah Ebanja [Board]

Sarah Ebanja

Deputy Head of Sixth Form
Yane Amos [Board]

Yane Amos

Pamela Clarke [Board]

Pamela Clarke

National Manager of Excell3 Education Charity
Stephen Brookes [Board]

Stephen Brooks

Middle Office/Trade Support, Allianz Global Investors
Richard Butler [Board]

Richard Butler

Our Volunteer Committee


Cynthia David

Aaron Wright

Aaron Wright

Cherryl Cooper

Cherryl Cooper

Charlene Wilkinson

Charlene Wilkinson

Juliet Alexander

Juliet Alexander


Daniel Nurse

Jesse Williams

Jesse Williams

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Lequan Johnson

Wilfrid Obeng

Wilfrid Obeng

Yansé Cooper

Yanse Cooper


Henry Yanney


Alison Tyndall

Shamayah Marcelin [Volunteer]

Shamayah Marcellin

Jivaan Bennett [Volunteer]

Jivaan Bennett

Marcus Cato [Volunteer]

Marcus Cato

Carron Adams [Volunteer]

Carron Adams

Steve Rose [Volunteer]

Steve Rose

Siphiweh Fairweather [Volunteer]

Siphiweh Fairweather

Jolade Olusanya [Volunteer]

Jolade Olusanya

Femi Bola MBE [Volunteer]

Femi Bola MBE


Adaobi Adibe


Danielle Dadoo


Inez Sarkodee-Adoo


Sonia Palmer