• "Networking is not a natural skill for most people and I was one of those people. But because of the fantastic opportunities the AB has offered me, I have been confident enough to build the network and contacts that has allowed my company Limitless to be where it is today"  

    Ivan Beckley UCL
  • "My experience in New York has opened my eyes to completely stepping out of my comfort zone. Some of the workshops held by the Bursary have emphasised the importance of having a global mindset and also contributed significantly to me deciding to study  for one year in Hong Kong"

    Segun Balogun Leicester University
  • “I was really lucky to attend a fantastic workshop on interviews and internships. My colleagues and I learned a lot of useful skills that we will each utilise in the future while developing our professional careers. The speakers were truly inspirational people, and we were blessed to have them share their wisdom with us.”

    K'CI Beckford Essex University
  • I was able to go to a bi-annual event along with a meeting whilst in my first week there which was great chance for me to see how a good company works and I was really appreciative of this. I have seen that people had come from different disciplines to get into that environment and I thoroughly enjoyed working with and meeting the people at Prudential.  

    Courtney Mikely Kent University
  • Skills I acquired during the placement and knowledge I gained range from technical competency when developing an android app to understanding how different aspects of a digital division within a large company functions. The staff were welcoming and I learned a lot, not just relating to my field of interest, but also within other areas of the corporation.  

    K’CI Beckord Essex University
  • When I joined I believe there were 12 of us in total; to see it grow to over 60 students now is certainly quite touching. It is rare that I am ever in a room with that many young black men whose drive and potential is completely unshackled. It made me optimistic and excited about the possibility of working with students in the future. I think that is the most brilliant thing about the bursary; you never stop being involved and will always be welcome in the family.

    Nathan Gray Graduate Warwick University
  • “Our expectations were not just met, the bursary was much much more! We thought we would receive financial support and a light touch from our mentor, but the level of support, networking and opportunities has been brilliant”

    Lequan Johnson Graduate, Royal Holloway University
  • I decided to work with the Amos Bursary because I was selected as the first cohort of students on the Amos Bursary. What I got from being a student was something I wouldn’t trade and this had a lot to do with my relationship with my mentors. Once it was my time to give back I knew that I had no other choice but to give back. I have found the experience more challenging than I expected, however, I have learnt it is a growing experience and heavily depends on how the mentor(s) and student interact and work with each other. I would recommend that anyone becoming a mentor does not force the process but let it grow with the student. You don’t have to always be actively chasing your student, but you should take the role of sparking conversation if you haven’t communicated with them.

    Aaron Wright Amos Bursary Graduate
  • Little did I know that the Bursary was, in fact, much more than a ‘bursary’. Sure, the financial support is helpful as studying in London is not cheap but I gained so much more from being part of the scheme. I attended events that I never thought I’d be able to go to in venues which I had only heard or read about (House of Lords, Albert Hall, City Hall). I was thrust in front of large audiences expected to address large groups of people which, looking back, has developed my self-confidence and ability to hold my own with esteemed company. I have learnt the art of networking at a variety of events and have comfortably liaised with people I had watched on television. I have met and made friends with an amazing group of young men who, like me, aspire to be successful in life which has created a brotherhood of support that is unique in our community.

    Saad Noor
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