Richard was an  inaugural member of the Amos Bursary in 2009 who graduated with a degree in Economics from Coventry University. His first role after University was at  Barrington Hibbert Associates, as a Researcher into Recruitment for the Investment Banking Sector. He then completed his Graduate scheme with BlueBay Asset Management LLP. He recently  joined Rogge Global Partners LLP a global Fixed Income specialist asset manager.

Richard says

“2008 marked the beginning of my lifelong journey with the Amos Bursary, and eight years later, the most invaluable life experience thus far.

I have vivid memories of the young man at 16 years old. Hungry to learn, noted as bright by peers and teachers alike but with no real grasp on what potential I possessed within me. I always had great ambitions or dreams as they were at that point to me, but lacked direction .  Very quickly I learned what AB stood for and the heights that could be reached. Flashbacks of the inaugural event at The House of Lord’s stay with me till this day. Accompanied by parents who looked upon me with a great sense of pride coupled with my own astonishment at the diverse mix of individuals whom had gathered to support young men like me. From that day onwards I realised that success is not a destination but a continual journey; a never ending one that is only fulfilled by continually striving for better no matter what.

Just a year into my engagement with AB I suffered my first real setback in life one that would push me to my physical and emotional limits. During the summer of 2009 at just 17 years old I found myself bed ridden, 7 emergency operations later facing the reality of learning how to walk again. Funnily enough at that point my biggest grief was withdrawing from an opportunity to work with Clifford Chance in their Corporate Finance division scheduled for just a week after being admitted into hospital.  The road to recovery was a long hard path. Returning to sixth form faced with tutoring myself Maths and Chemistry A Levels is when I really realised the support network I now I had behind me. I recall numerous calls from peer mentor, Daniel Nurse, and professional mentor, Tangwena Nelson, constantly reaffirming the belief they had in me to make it through. I was also exposed to the wider network with offers of extra tuition and even, In conjunction with my Head of Sixth Form, letters of support written to my choice of universities. Even with my support network I was unable to make it into university with my cohort; my first taste of ‘failure’. Little did I know this would have to be one of the most influential moments of years. Thankfully the Amos Bursary was there for me once again.

To much relief being accepted into university to read economics earmarked the reinvention of me. The multiple development sessions provided by the bursary covered an array of areas from presentation skills, CV and application workshops to dining room etiquette. The Bursary provided a platform for me to grow, make mistakes and learn to make better choices for my future. Through this is I also began to explore my ambitions in the wider world an aspect I was able to exercise through an internship acquired from the Bursary at Whitefoord LLP a discretionary asset management firm.   Working in such an environment during my holidays at university demonstrated that hard work paid off which was readily recognised by my fellow colleagues being bestowed with more responsibilities.

Having formally completed the Amos Bursary programme I am proud to now be a Peer mentor and committee member for such a great organisation. More so, I am thankful that my dear mother who sadly passed away earlier this year was able to see me grow into the driven young man I am today.

To the Amos Bursary – I thank you!

“Success is not a destination, but a continual journey”

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