Radio presenting, YouTube channel management and university degree are all things I have accomplished because of my experience with the Amos Bursary.

When I joined the AB (Amos Bursary) in 2008, I had the potential for success I did not know I was capable of. The gap between GCSE and A-Level was difficult for me to adjust to, and I felt that I could not cope with the difference in work in some subjects. During this time I was introduced to my mentor, Yanse Cooper who not only helped me with my education, but helped me realise what I could do going forward with my life, and acknowledged what I had accomplished and how I could continue to accomplish more in my life.

Through the meetings and development days I learnt the art of networking, the importance of staying in contact with people and how to market myself in the correct manner. I was able to attend events I had never imagined and gone to venues I had only seen in the media (House ofLords, Albert Hall, City Hall). I was given the opportunity to speak in front of large audiences to address groups of people which developed my character, confidence and ability to address large groups of people without fear but with respect.

The Bursary gave me a platform to grow professionally and to connect with boys like me who were intelligent but needed guidance to become better. It’s good to find out that you are not the only person going through the same struggles. The Amos Bursary started as an organisation wanting to help me, they are now apart of me. I can honestly say that the experiences I created at university, becoming a radio presenter and stepping on the career path is down to my experience with the Amos Bursary and I am forever thankful.

Aaron is now a peer mentor and member of the Communications committee

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