On the 31st March 2017,  Temi Ogundiran and 11 colleagues  attended an insight event at Helios Investments. Here is his report.

“Helios  Investments  is a leading private equity fund focused on companies in Africa. During  this event, we listened to a series of presentations detailing how and by whom the private equity fund was established as well as how a private equity fund functions in order to generate its profits.

 We also received the opportunity to ask questions which gave us an exclusive insight into the day-to-day life of a investment bankers and lawyers who are employed  by Helios and how their jobs differ from previous career endeavours.

 Overall the event was a great success. It was wonderful to gain a thorough understanding of the functions of private equity and hedge funds within the financial world. We’d Like to thank all the people involved in planning and executing this event. This insight day was invaluable and I’m sure all Amos Bursary students felt very privileged to have access to such a brilliant opportunity. Thank you Helios “

Temi Ogundiran

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