The Amos Bursary 2 day conference at King’s College London has been full of laughs, cheers, great food and most importantly crucial networking opportunities and life changing advice. Over the two days i would say that I’ve learnt soo much about myself, the world of work, university options and about how to be the best version of myself at all times. Every speaker we had was unique coming from a wide array of backgrounds and specialities but nevertheless they all had equally powerful messages to deliver and seeing such successful and inspirational people lecture us and to even have the privilege to exchange contact details with some of them was a surreal experience and i’m so grateful to the Amos Bursary for setting up such a useful programme which has allowed me to develop new skills and confidence. The new skills and knowledge attained from the 2 day conference i believe is transferable to every aspect of my student and future working life and i really anticipate the future now as a much more proud and confident young black student instead of fearing it, all thanks to the Amos Bursary 2 day conference held at King’s College London. It really was not an event to be missed.

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