• To raise funds for his trip to New York  my mentee Daniel committed himself to raising £500 by taking part in the 10km Peckham Rye Run. I joined Daniel in the run, and although no new record times were set, it helped remind each other that we were both in this together. I would recommend that mentors provide their mentee’s with both professional and moral support.

    Alexander Wiggins UBS
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a professional mentor and it is something I would heartily recommend. David and I have  been working together for 4 years and I really enjoy our conversations. I think we both learn something new as a result of our discussions every time we meet.

    Felix Hebblethwaite Linklaters LLP
  • My mentee, Karl, is currently applying for a Computer Science degree. It's been a real pleasure mentoring him for the past 8 months, especially due to seeing how his commitment drives him to go several extra miles in order to do his absolute best, and  also due to the wonderful realisation that we share a surreal sense of humour! I am eager to see how he will grow both professionally and personally over the course of his degree, and to see how my own ability to provide him with useful guidance will develop.

    Ose Pedro Ocado Technology
  • Daniel was selected to be a peer mentor to one of the first Amos Bursary students in 2009 Despite being close in age to his mentor, the responsibility to help guide and foster the development of his mentee was one that he was eager to fulfil. Daniel says a mentor must have  very good listening skills and the ability to build and nurture relationships. These traits help him in a professional capacity, but also helped him in his  role as a peer mentor. Daniel says that "working with my mentor and seeing the young man that he has since gone on to become is so rewarding and I would encourage anyone with a positive outlook to get involved."

    Daniel Nurse PKF Littlejohn LLP
  • I decided to get involved with the Amos Bursary as I wanted to share my experiences and impart my wisdom onto ambitious young people to help them achieve the success they strive for in their lives. I’ve enjoyed my experience as a mentor so far. I’ve been able to help my mentee by proofreading and advising them on the content of their UCAS personal statement. I’ve also enjoyed hanging out with my fellow mentor and mentee through some competitive go karting!  

    Akhil Shah Modelling group, Corporate Finance at Deloitte LLP.
  • My mentee with his determination and drive to grow and achieve his goals has motivated me to push on and attain even greater success in my career.  Personally, this is one of the many benefits for volunteering with the Amos Bursay, we are continuously learning and growing as people. It has been tremendous sharing my knowledge of university, the workplace and general life skills with my mentee.

    Martin Daay NHS Supplychain
  • Mentoring is a very rewarding two way experience. I am never too old to learn - and the Amos Bursary students teach me much about life! I think by being able to be there when needed is important. Having an open door policy - and having the time to discuss problems.  

    Professor Simon D Taylor-Robinson Imperial College London
  • One of the main reasons I have had such an amazing year is because of my mentors. The Amos Bursary didn't just give me random mentors but ones that had a good understanding, practically and theoretically, about my desired field; economics. This opened up a lot of opportunities for me and the highlight was my summer. I managed to get a paid internship at CTN and two weeks work experience at Barclays head quarters due to my professional mentor links and also the way I conduct myself. This taught me a lot about the working world and gave me a good realisation of the career paths I don't want to go into. Which is very important for me because one of my goals is to go into an occupation that I enjoy and I didn't want to go into the deep end straight away.   Furthermore the point is The Amos Bursary has supported and opened the door for me. That is all I needed and I have very much taken advantage of these given opportunities and developed as an individual because of that. Finally, being allocated a mentor that has experience in your desired field is something that I would recommend for any young person, it really allows you to gain in ways money can never buy.  

    Caseem Campbell AB Student
  • I was lucky enough to have great role models in my life and support from my teachers. I decided to work with Amos Bursary because I want to help young men like myself - men of African and Caribbean descent - to reach their full potential. I have found my experience as a mentor very rewarding and its a mutually beneficial experience. My aim is to inspire and encourage; to complement the support that student is already receiving from others in his life. As a result of being a mentor, I’ve found that I’ve improved my communication skills and learned to be an effective motivator. One thing I’ve always liked about the Amos Bursary is that I’ve met so many great people, some of whom I’ve developed really good friendships with. I would definitely recommend mentoring because its a great way to give back to the next generation trying to find their way in the world. I’m a scientist by training and I currently work as Project Manager for the UK Regenerative Medicine Platform. I’m based at king’s College London, Guy’s Campus and have been in this role for 2 years. Prior to this, I was a scientific editor at Nature Publishing Group for 3 years. My current role requires me to ensure that all the scientists working on the project achieve their objectives  and that they achieve the within budget and in accordance with specific deadlines. I am lucky enough to work with world-renowned scientists at the forefront of regenerative medicine research and I am proud to be involved in a nationwide project that will benefit human health.    

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