The Amos Bursary invites you to become a mentor or supporter to help change someone’s life, and in turn – change yours!Mentoring is an exciting, rewarding experience, which can be great fun and help you develop new skills. We need you to support students as they prepare for and attend University, to help raise their aspirations, attainment, self-confidence and their overall performance.

Peer and professional mentors are vital to the Amos Bursary. Our students need mentors who they can  trust to offer advice, introduce alternatives, challenge, motivate and encourage them to follow their dreams? You will be required to complete a DBS check, undergo initial training and will receive ongoing support.

The Difference Between a Peer and Professional Mentor

A peer mentor is the critical friend and maintains regular contact with the student. A professional mentor provides support to the peer mentor and provides opportunities and experiences for the personal growth of the student. Less contact with the student is required and becomes more significant while the student is in University.

The relationship between the peer and professional mentor is a partnership using the strengths of both individuals to assist the student.

We Are Looking For People With:

  • A positive, approachable, non-judgemental and patient attitude towards young people.
  • A desire to help career development of young people.
  • Good communication skills and a willingness to strengthen listening and facilitation skills.
  • A respectful attitude towards people of different educational, economic, cultural and racial backgrounds.
  • An ability to handle personal information sensitively.

You will be required to provide a supportive, non-judgmental relationship in which each student can explore and realise their vision of what they want to achieve in life..

How Much Time Is Required?
Peer mentor (minimum of once a month)
Professional mentor (3 times a year minimum)


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