Make the most of your first year at University

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My first year at  university was very intense. I was voted as President of my Hall out of 10 other candidates most of whom were 2nd and 3rd year students. I had to campaign, write a manifesto and give a speech in front of the 250+ residents and senior members. This position took up around 15 hours a week. I was involved in the UCL Technology Society, Men’s Basketball First Team, the ACS and I mentor 11-14 year old boys outside of university. I also had a part time job but  had to cut my hours down considerably as my shifts clashed with lectures. It has meant that my financing was not what I had anticipated, but I coped.

I went to a very posh dinner at J.P. Morgan. I had to apply for the opportunity – I had to write a 250 word statement, submit my CV, and I even had a telephone interview. I am glad I applied though. It was an incredible opportunity, organised in conjunction with the UCL ACS and the J.P. Morgan Black Organisation for Learning and Development (BOLD). There were 10 UCL students, all from African Caribbean descent, and there were 10 representatives from J.P. Morgan including MD’s, the Vice President of Technology, and the Head of HR.

Isaiah Lynn 2nd year UCL


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