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One of the main reasons I have had such an amazing year is because of my mentors The Amos Bursary provided me with. The Amos Bursary didn’t just give me random mentors but ones that had a good understanding, practically and theoretically, about my desired field; economics.


This opened up a lot of opportunities for me and the highlight was my summer. I managed to get a paid internship at CTN and two weeks work experience at Barclays head quarters due to my professional mentor links and also the way I conduct myself. This taught me a lot about the working world and gave me a good realisation of the career paths I don’t want to go into. Which is very important for me because one of my goals is to go into an occupation that I enjoy and I didn’t want to go into the deep end straight away. Furthermore the point is The Amos Bursary has supported and opened the door for me. That is all I needed and I have very much taken advantage of these given opportunities and developed as an individual because of that. Finally, being allocated a mentor that has experience in your desired field is something that I would recommend for any young person, it really allows you to gain in ways money can never buy.

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