We challenge, inspire and develop talented British students of African and Caribbean descent, who have excelled  at school and have not allowed their environments, personal circumstances, or the pressures of living in London, to cloud their vision or to hamper their dreams.

Research has shown that even with very good grades, boys from the UK’s African Caribbean community face extreme difficulty getting into top universities and do not have the same career opportunities that are available to other students.

They are the most under-represented group in higher education and in professions such as accountancy, financial services, medicine and the law. So students may achieve academic success but have limited opportunities due to financial limitations; coming from families without a strong tradition of participation in higher education; limited or no knowledge of the post 16 university and recruitment process.  These factors magnify the limited self-confidence, self-belief and social skills of the students which are critical in helping them to achieve their potential.

We prepare them to face the challenges which lie ahead. We aim to ensure that they are well rounded individuals, fully equipped to make the informed and appropriate choices which will shape their futures.  We prepare them for university, for work, and to become “real” models in their communities.

The Student Journey

The Amos Bursary  selects young men at the age of 16 (First year 6th Form) and they stay with us for the duration of their University experience. Throughout the 4 ½ years they participate on intensive programmes of personal and professional development.

Each student will:

  • Have a personal peer and professional mentor (scholarship students have Professional mentors)
  • Attend weekend workshops for personal development
  • Attend regular sessions to build their capacity as potential leaders within their community
  • Have access to inspirational and motivational speakers
  • Access Networking opportunities
  • Receive coaching and develop personal and career plans
  • Opportunity for UK and International Internship support student employability and skills
  • Access to corporate environments
  • All undergraduates, receive an annual bursary of £500, except those in receipt of scholarships over £500

By the end of the programme they will:

  • Have the social experience and networks to match their academic counterparts from private schools
  • Have attended the best University to meet their needs
  • Achieved their full potential as Graduates
  • Secured relevant internships and opportunities
  • increased the commercial, global and cultural awareness
  • Secured employment or career pathways commensurate with their achievements

Once an Amos Bursary student always an Amos Bursary student. Following graduation the students continue to receive support from the Bursary, and also participate in the running of the Bursary as committee members , student advisers, mentors or trainers.

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