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We ensure talented men of African and Caribbean descent have the opportunity to excel in education and beyond

What is the problem?

In 2016 the unemployment rate for black male graduates aged 16-24 in London was 18%, in comparison to 10% for their white counterparts (Office for National Statistics, 2016)

Black male graduates earn £7,000 less per year than their white counterparts (Guardian, 2018)

Only 2% of board members in FTSE 100 companies are Black or minority ethnic (Global future, 2018)

How we address the problem

Outside No.10 Downing Street

Promoting Excellence and Shaping Futures

We bring together universities and businesses looking to diversify their student intake and workforce, with a pool of exceptional talent.

We are transforming lives and changing the negative narrative and perceptions surrounding young black men and women. We are normalising success.

“The Amos Bursary has been pivotal in the trajectory of my life. I joined in 2013 and I have been provided with opportunities that I could only have dreamed of, improving my personal, professional and emotional life. ”

Victor Azubuike, JP Morgan

Impact Reports