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Promoting Excellence and Shaping Futures

What is the problem?

In 2016 the unemployment rate for black male graduates aged 16-24 in London was 18%, in comparison to 10% for their white counterparts (Office for National Statistics, 2016)

Black male graduates earn £7,000 less per year than their white counterparts (Guardian, 2018)

Only 2% of board members in FTSE 100 companies are Black or minority ethnic (Global future, 2018)

How we address the problem

  • Recruit high quality students and mentors
  • Personal and professional development programme
  • Peer and professional mentoring
  • Parental engagement
  • Cultural and networking opportunities
Baroness Amos with Bursary students at the Obama Speech (London)

Our 10th anniversary

This year marks 10 years of the Amos Bursary, which was established in 2009 in memory of Mike and Dolly Amos, parents of Baroness Amos.

As part of our 10-year celebration, our students have set the target of raising £1 million to ensure the sustainability of the Amos Bursary for the next five years.

This £1 million will go towards:

  • Expanding our core programme by 50% by 2024
  • Developing and implementing a digital strategy
  • An early intervention programme for younger boys
  • A leadership programme for Alumni

Impact Reports